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Employing principles

Opened channels:
  Everyone is a talent, talent found in every corner of society. In order to give full play to local advantages, while extensively absorb around resources to ensure the leading position, Our investment companies to open channels to recruit more capable:
1. the graduates from colleges.
2. stationed around the headquarters and service center for the public Recruitment
3. good character reflux staff
the four principles of employment:
  Understand: Understanding, respect, not only Appreciating the company, but also to all customers.
  Surrounding: create a relaxed environment, people feel happy, do not demand perfection, allowing self-improvement.
  Employer: Provide display to the stage for each employee to create learning, development, and opportunities for self-realization of value.
   Honest, talent and tolerant with people, understanding people and avoid internal friction, dedicated, devoted to the company as home, with honor and no disgrace to the company.

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