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Internet Marketing Specialist
1. College degree or above, Marketing major.
2. 2 years working experience, familiar with the application of various office software;
3. familiar with the operation of the major B2B, B2C platforms, have unique insights on network sales.
4. knowing how to use the search engine, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and other promotion methods to promote the work.
5. strong ability of online communication, affinity and good language skills, good at handling customer relations.
Sales Representative
1. College or above; Marketing Professional
2. engaged in sales or related channels for more than 2 years.
3. Have strong negotiation, information collection, communication ability and pressure capability, and can independently develop customers in a relatively short period of time.
4. familiar with the relevant product sales market.

5. have a strong execution and market development capabilities; customer groups in the project is preferred.

6. have direct marketing and telemarketing experience is preferred

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